Collection: Breakfast

Daybreak Delights Await You Here 

where each day unfolds with a symphony of flavors. Begin your morning with our specialty coffee, expertly brewed to awaken your senses, accompanied by a tantalizing array of freshly baked goods. From the flaky layers of our signature Croissant Za’atar to the sweet, 
nutty notes of our Almond pastries, each bite is a testament to our commitment to culinary excellence.

As the day progresses, our menu transitions to an array of outstanding main course dishes. Indulge in a diverse selection that ranges from crisp, vibrant salads to 
succulent steaks and delectable chicken sandwiches, each crafted to perfection. And when the afternoon light wanes, it’s time to surrender to our state-of-the-art desserts. Our multi-layered tarts and cakes are not just treats but masterpieces, promising an unrivaled finale to your dining experience.

At Beyond Velvet, every meal is an adventure, a journey through exquisite tastes and unforgettable moments.