About us

Our founder, Ola Madi, found herself stuck in lockdown at the beginning of 2020 with lots of untouched ambition and potential in a city she just landed in. With a lifetime in banking on her belt there wasn’t much she could utilize at that time but calculating how much sanitizer we needed and at most a measuring cup to start an unforeseen genius in making dessert. Ola skipped the banana bread syndrome and dove directly into severe chocolate passion with her first ever brownies bake that was to die for. Our neighbors couldn’t just wait for her to make them every once in a while but they became a table-top must everywhere we went. 

Fast forward a few months and lockdown had more surprises for Ola, she got pregnant with Valeria, her first child and daughter who sparked that business idea that Ola could actually mesmerize, not only, the neighbors' taste buds with her brownies and cheesecakes but can spread her marvelous creations through the city, pun intended ;) 

Valeria’s first birthday event made it Ola’s mission to take this talent forward and let the rest of world taste her innovative touch to dessert and to cheesecakes in specific. 

Fast forward another year and 'Beyond Velvet' flagship store was born. The ambiance reflects our ethos—bright, fresh, with elegant gold and white tones, complemented by lush green banana leaf plants. It's more than a pastry shop; it's a destination where every visit is an experience in exceptional taste and culinary artistry.